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No more aching knees!

Skiing WAS a test of endurance for me.  Always at the back, anything challenging would have me a nervous wreck.  I could only ski for half days and would normally take one day out in the middle due to the incredible pain in my knees.

From day one on Ski Goddess Katie taught us such simple and easy techniques for pretty dramatic improvement.  AND hallelujah!  My knees didn’t hurt.  I skied full days with no day off and didn’t want to come off the snow each day!

I now feel extremely stable and fluid on my skis and am actually getting a buzz out of the speed!  NEVER thought I’d say that!!

Suzy Earland

Suzy is a masterpiece!  Her development over 2 courses (9 days) is outstanding – and if you can achieve half of what she has done you will be a very competent Ski Goddess!  Congratulations Suzy, Love Katie 🙂

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“From “Nervous Nelly” to just lovin it!”

I can’t tell you how much I dreaded going out on the slopes sometimes.  I have now officially got the bug and get a real buzz out of my improvement.  Katie showed us such simple techniques to make such a big difference.  Amazing!

Fiona Young


What a Laugh!

A last minute decision – and one of the best I’ve made!  Learnt so much, and WHAT a LAUGH!!

Ski Goddess gave me a real boost.

– Sara Rees

Unbelievable difference after just 4 days

My friends and family could not believe the difference after just 4 days with Ski Goddess! It feels great to have so much more confidence and we had such a giggle learning with the group too!

– Ish Fawcett (age 64!)

Excellent Teacher

I have skied a fair amount but felt that I had long stopped improving.  I had certainly reached a plateau.

What I loved about the course was the way it was run.  We were taken back to basics and relaid our foundations.  Then step by step we learnt new techniques to keep us feeling great on our skis even when the terrain became more challenging.

New skills were added layer upon layer, with the reason behind them clearly explained.  The exercises to develop these skills were invariably wacky and always fun! making each day a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Tricia McGregor

Slightly Addictive

I have become rather addicted to Ski Goddess courses!

Katie teaches with fun and great enthusiasm and my continuing progress means that I can just about keep up with my family.  This is a very experienced husband and 2 teenage boys who have taken to it like ducks to water.

Oonagh Greenslade

Such a Positive Approach

I have been skiing for years and can ski most pistes but I had developed “my own technique”!  Therefore I had a lot of “undoing” to do to really start letting the skis do the work and understand the grace and ease of “getting it right”

It was sometimes frustrating, and I can be a bit hard on myself – but Katie kept steering me towards the positive no matter what.  I feel I am really starting to see the light and we are all looking forward to going to Chatel and having some private lessons with Katie next year.


Carol Arnold