No more aching knees!

7, June 2019

Skiing WAS a test of endurance for me.  Always at the back, anything challenging would have me a nervous wreck.  I could only ski for half days and would normally take one day out in the middle due to the incredible pain in my knees.

From day one on Ski Goddess Katie taught us such simple and easy techniques for pretty dramatic improvement.  AND hallelujah!  My knees didn’t hurt.  I skied full days with no day off and didn’t want to come off the snow each day!

I now feel extremely stable and fluid on my skis and am actually getting a buzz out of the speed!  NEVER thought I’d say that!!

Suzy Earland

Suzy is a masterpiece!  Her development over 2 courses (9 days) is outstanding – and if you can achieve half of what she has done you will be a very competent Ski Goddess!  Congratulations Suzy, Love Katie 🙂