The Goddess Approach

So why ski training specifically for women?

It’s a fact that women learn differently from men.  We absorb information differently.  We assess a situation differently.  We attempt new things with a different approach.  We also have a stronger, built-in instinct to protect ourselves.

Generally speaking

  • Women are bio-mechanically different from men and so need to do things differently
  • When faced with physical challenges, women prefer to process skills more thoroughly than men
  • Men often use that bit of extra strength and/or testosterone over skill
  • Both men and women can reach the same level of skiing given the same amount of time as long as the approach to learning is apt.

At Ski Goddess I completely understand the reasons why you want to learn the right way and improve your skiing.  It’s with these reasons in mind  I have tailored the courses to suit the way you, as a woman and also as an individual, learn best.

Each session is designed to make you feel relaxed, proud, excited, happy, confident and looking forward to more!

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