Let your confidence grow..
and the good times roll!

The Goddess Approach

Are you familiar with the phrase “Skiing is 80% in your head”!? I’d like to debunk this myth.

What have your holidays been like so far?  Somewhere between “Could be a bit more enjoyable” to “Complete disaster!”?  There’s a shed load to organise on a ski holiday and often the actual skiing can be the last point of focus.  This is especially true if you’ve taken kids with you!!  I know what it’s like ~ it’s often a mission getting to the resort.  Then you’ve got to get all your ski hire in a throng of other holiday makers, get your butts to the slopes – often in time for morning lessons, then suddenly, once everyone is sorted (albeit a bit late) you’re suddenly carted off to that icy blue or narrow red and told ‘don’t be nervous – it’s all in your head’!!

Mais NON!  It’s all in your technique.  You haven’t had a chance to even say Bonjour to your legs let alone get your whole body to do what it did on your best day the last year.  Confidence does not originate in the head per se.  In this case it will arise from having a solid awareness of good technique and an ability to use it.  When this happens suddenly you enter a different world of stability and smoothness.  From here you can relax.  From here you can enjoy the sensations.  From here you can be agile and have more fun.

Skiing is 80% good technique.  I suppose skiing IS 80% in the head if you have bad technique – because you’ve gotta have some guts to come down a mountain on a pair of slidey planks if you’re relying on strength and good luck to hold you up!

So why ski training specifically for women?

Men & Women are Different…

And we learn differently from men.  We absorb information differently.  We assess a situation differently.  We attempt new things with a different approach.  We also have a stronger, built-in instinct to protect ourselves
generally speaking



I get it…

At Ski Goddess I completely understand the reasons why you want to learn the right way and improve your skiing.  It’s with these reasons in mind  I have tailored the courses to suit the way you, as a woman and also as an individual, learn best.


  • Women are bio-mechanically different from men and so need to do things differently
  • When faced with physical challenges, women prefer to process skills more thoroughly than men
  • Men often use that bit of extra strength and/or testosterone over skill
  • Both men and women can reach the same level of skiing given the same amount of time as long as the approach to learning is apt.

How We Approach These Issues

  • We have a look at hip, knee and feet alignment and focus on moving these slightly differently through the turns which has a huge impact on improving our balance.
  • We make sure we really understand techniques and practice them on easy terrain before testing them where it really counts
  • We work on having excellent technique so that we don’t need to rely on force
  • We leave husbands, partners, friends and children at home so that we can concentrate on our skills in a group of like minded ladies.
  • We take care of all the holiday aspects for you so you have nothing to think about but your skiing and having fun!

Each ski session is designed to make you feel relaxed, positive, excited, happy, confident and looking forward to more!!