Yup!  So that was me age 7, and I’d already been skiing 3 years before that!

I don’t really remember liking it much until I was about 10 years old, and could keep up with my brother.  Sort of!

When this photo was taken, I doubt anybody would have thought I was destined to be a ski instructor.  And it wasn’t even a gap year pastime.  It became my career. I have the highest international qualification (acheived with blood, sweat, tears and joy!)  I’m passionate about my sport and teaching, and I have a massive wealth of experience.

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I’ve been teaching for 20 years totalling up 26 Winter seasons all over the world.  6 seasons in Andorra was a great starting place, brilliant terrain for all levels so great for teaching – and great for parties!!  4 wonderful winters in New Zealand saw me start my Snowboarding career coaching an all girls under 18s high school team who finished 2nd in the South Island Champs.  Canada gave me further experience until France beckoned and it is here, over the last 16 winters, where my career has flourished.

Gaining the highest international qualification in 2006 I am now privileged to work independently in France.

At the heart of all my ski sessions is the most important goal of having fun.  I combined this with my qualification in Sophrology (the science of the mind in balance with the body) an ongoing interest of psychology (especially womens’ psychology), and bio-mechanics.

This blend of physical and mental understanding and my experience gives me an ideal platform to help you transform your skiing and for you to get so much enjoyment where there is often fear or lack of confidence.

I created Ski Goddess in 2010.  I recognised such similar stories and feelings about skiing repeatedly coming from my female clients.  I knew that there was a market to start solving the problems that female skiers face.  The approach to womens’ skiing is too often way off the mark creating anxiety where there should be fun and elation.

I completely understand the reasons why you want to start out on the right foot, or, make huge improvements in your skiing.  With these reasons in mind I have tailored lessons, sessions, workshops and courses to suit the way you, as a woman and as an individual, learn best.

Each session is designed to make you feel relaxed, proud, excited, happy, confident and looking forward to more!


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