Let your confidence grow..
and the good times roll!


Let me know if you have any other questions.  Perhaps yours are similar but you are still unsure of something?  I love answering your questions and giving you genuine, quality answers. 😀

love from… the Oracle of women’s skiing!!   x

Am I too old?

Short answer - NO!  I think you have to be aware of your fitness level ~ young or wiser!... though I do some courses which are more gentile.  I have had many Ski Goddesses in their 60's that do very well thank you!  Looking forward to my first 70 +! (Go on - You can do it!).  I have taught an 80 + year old couple who did pretty well, from beginner!... so there's no excuse really!

What about my fitness level?

Ski Goddess is an intensive ski course.  However, where we do ski full days, it is not boot camp!  We do have breaks and I encourage you to take a "time out" if your muscles ask for it.  Most of my ladies exercise at least twice a week.  Some are quite into their fitness. If you are keen but concerned about your level of fitness I can help you work out a steady program with your course as a great goal to aim for.  Give me a call or email and we can talk it over 😉    

What's the average cost of a fully inclusive Ski Goddess course?

Obviously it depends on many factors but the average is around £1,600.  My ladies will vouch that it is great value and worth every penny.

Am I beyond help?

If this question resonates with you, you will likely be in the 'biggest improvers' category.  I think of this like a messy wardrobe - most likely all the clothes, shoes and matching socks are actually there - we just need to sort through it all, find a home for everything and it all falls into place.  And if there are still some odd socks - we can just chuck 'em out!

How much progress will I make?

This will obviously vary but I would say that 95% of my ladies improve dramatically.  The other 5% feel better about their skiing in general.  My ego absolutely loves hearing about future holidays when their friends and family have been astonished at the progress! Your individual approach makes a big difference.  Expecting the progress is a winner, but most importantly going into it with a mindset that looks for your improvements and focuses on them.  That's the fast track to success.  Obviously we work out your weaknesses, but building on strengths is what every top athlete does!  Com'on ladies!! 😉