Let your confidence grow..
and the good times roll!

Free Video Ski Course

Let me help you…


Get ready before you go..

Do you find it frustrating when you go on your ski trip it takes 2 or 3 days to get back to the level you were at on your previous holiday?

I have designed a set of videos especially for you to get your head ready for skiing before your feet get on the snow.

You will get a fun and easy lesson to practice every 3 days.  

Body awareness is key..

This course will give you a new and improved awareness on how movements and feelings in your daily life are used in every turn on the snow.

I will help you get your head into a positive attitude so that you will be just “raring” to get on that snow and have a slide!

You may have a giggle at my winter studio – I certainly had a giggle filming these for you.   😀

Enjoy the ride down the mountain.