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Course Levels

Levels for 2020 Ski Goddesses!

Please note the level descriptions are an indicator of where you are at now. You will want to progress to the next level or even more on your 2020 course.

If you have had an injury, very bad experience or know you prefer to take it steady opt for the level below your maximum ability. If you ski with confidence, feel ok with speed and are generally “up for it” you may consider the level above what you have done so far.

Either way we will need to have a phone chat to confirm you are in the right group.

LevelsDescriptionFEAR LEVEL! I get scared with:...
Novice or novice plus. Can snowplough turn on green. May have done a blue or two, but struggle with them.Blue runs, speed, lack of control
BronzeCan do parallel on green but mostly snowplough. Happy to snowplough on easy blues but still working on co-ordination and skill.Speed, some blues, edge of piste, narrows
SilverMostly parallel and happy to go fast on green. Often parallel on easy blues. Working on comfort and fluiditySpeed, steeper blue runs and all red runs, narrows, ice
GoldOften skis parallel on blues with good technique but can stiffen up and lose fluidity. Working on ski intuition to make it feel natural. Can “get down” easy reds.Challenging part of reds, narrows, icy, speed.
BronzePretty happy, relaxed and parallel on all blues. Happy on several reds but can hesitate and not know how to handle challenging sectionsIce or bumps, narrow reds or high speed
SilverCan ski parallel on most reds and happy to go for it on challenging sections but aware that you may not ski your best on them.Very bad conditions, most off piste
GoldCan ski parallel on all reds and on all sections. Happy on steep and going quite fast. Working now on versatility and more advanced techniques to enjoy all types of piste skiing. Ie. carving, dynamic short turns, bumps etc. Will try a little easy off piste.Very bad conditions, any challenging off piste.
BronzeGood technique on all reds. Can ski challenging sections with confidence and speed. Can carve on easy terrain. Had some off piste experience – working on developing advanced techniques such as carving, off piste and bumps.Not much! Maybe steep or bumpy off piste
SilverCompetent on all pistes. Can carve on blue. Done a fair bit of off piste enjoys it and would like to do more. A fast moving course with techniques to try whilst on the go.Not much! 😉


Course dates for 2020.

2021 Holidays

2nd - 7th JanSat - Thur (4.5 ski days)£1620Aphrodite Silver/GoldKatie & Ali
7th - 11th JanThurs - Mon (4 days)£1520Venus Bronze, Silver & GoldKatie, Marie & Ali
12th- 16th JanTues - Sat (4 days)£1520Aphrodite Gold & Venus BronzeKatie, Marie & Ali
17th - 22nd JanSun - Fri (5 days)£1670Venus Silver Gold & Artemis BronzeKatie, Marie & Ali
23rd - 28th JanSat - Thur (5 days)£1670Novice, Aphrodite Bronze & SilverKatie, Lizzie & Sian
31st - 5th FebSun - Fri (5 days)£1750Ski YogaKatie & Nina
7th - 12th FebSun - Fri (5 days)£1650Venus SilverKatie
1st - 5th MarMon - Fri (4 days)£1520Venus BronzeKatie
6th - 11th MarSat - Thur (4.5 days)£1650NoviceKatie
11th- 14th MarThurs - Sun (3 days)£1190Venus GoldKatie
17th- 21st MarWed - Sun (4 days)£1520AphroditeKatie
22nd - 27th MarMon - Sat (5 days)£1650Venus Gold & Artemis BronzeKatie
28th - 1st AprSun - Thur (4 days)£1520Aphrodite GoldKatie
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