Would you LOVE more CONFIDENCE when you ski?

This is how SKi Goddess can help

Tell me your ski fears and worries.

    Do you panic or get overwhelmed?

    I can help!

    Let me know.
    Katie x

    Skiing IS fun. Do you want more of that?

    Have a look at the courses we are offering this year..

    Are you getting left behind and feeling the pressure?

    This is how Ski Goddess can help.

    What is Ski Goddess all about?

    A Ski Goddess Course

    A Ski Goddess course is an intensive ski course within a fabulous, luxury and fun holiday.

    The courses are run in Chatel in the Portes du Soleil, northern French Alps.

    There are 3 – 5 day courses and we run them for all levels from novice to advanced.

    The Ski Goddess approach is here to help you.

    I love to teach. I love immersing you in the right fear-free, fun environment for maximum progress. Contrary to popular belief ~ Skiing is not 80% in your head – It’s in your body.

    We will use the head to teach the body specific techniques and movement… and watch your ability and confidence soar!

    Slightly Addictive

    I have become rather addicted to Ski Goddess courses! Katie teaches with fun and great enthusiasm and my continuing progress means that I can just about keep up with my family.  This is a very experienced husband and 2 teenage boys who have taken to it like ducks to water. - Oonagh Greenslade

    Why we believe we provide the best women’s ski course out there!

    Who and why..

    Katie and her hand picked Goddess teachers are passionate about empowering women and solving the problems that female skiers face on their ski holidays.

    We all understand how women and men operate differently, mentally and physically.  There are some interesting and key elements of this that effect our ski progress.  At Ski Goddess, we are experts at embracing these differences and always work to how we, as women learn best.


    How does this apply to you?

    We have taken care to take all the stresses out of your ski environment so you can make maximum progress with zero pressure.  Unlike other ski courses, once you step into arrivals in Geneva ~ we have everything organised for you.  Private transfers, luxury accommodation, glorious food, great quality ski hire, lift passes, time schedules, transport to perfect slopes for learning,  off snow learning sessions, hot tub, sauna, yoga and we are always building a fun atmosphere of camaraderie… There is plenty of pre holiday info, plus you go away with detailed keynotes on how to get the best out of your next holiday.

    Need more proof?

    If you’re still not sure have a looksie at the “warm fuzzies” from previous Goddai!

    Our goal is to be the #1 GO-TO place to solve women’s ski problems :D.

    Check out the Booking Process

    • We organise a phone call
    • Time to reflect and check compatible flights etc
    • Confirm which course you’d like to book by email
    • Confirmation accepted and green light to book your flights
    • You will be sent a link to a booking form to fill in all your details
    • You will receive your deposit invoice and all payment instructions…

    Et Voila! ~ you will be getting excited about your Ski Goddess holiday!

    Recommended By

    We were delighted to see that our passionate efforts to make Ski Goddess the “Go To” ski holiday for women has been duly noted! They ranked us in the current “Top 5 Women Only Trips”. And our lovely Goddai agree!

    I often think that skiing is a complete metaphor or reflection of life. You get the basics right, the hard stuff becomes easier. You relax and go with the flow, it becomes fun. When you fight, everything becomes difficult. A smile has a positive effect on most things!

    How about a pocket guide for your skiing?

    • Mind & body techniques that will give you more confidence
    • 6 lessons to help you get ski focussed
    • Golden nuggets on how to make skiing more fun
    • Structured videos to use on holiday too

    Are you ready to ski with style?

    And Loving It!